Prince William & The Unicorn






Uploaded on Jan. 29,. 2012

This episode examines the Knights Garter, Sashes worn as symbols of their divine right to rule, Royal Blood, and Sun God status.
Sashes have been worn since Sumerian and Babylonian times, as a marker of Royal Blood. The Pharaohs wore red and Blue sashes so as they could be identified as the Pharaoh. The intricate ways they are bound and tied is all ritualistic, and for them denotes the protection of Ra.
The current Royals keep up the traditions of what they see as their ancestors, and they wear this garb to reinforce their beliefs that they are the living Sun Gods, off the divine bloodline, and are destined to rule the rest of us.
This same bloodline owns the media, and it is used to full effect to promote their current Gods and Goddesses. They are often portrayed with sun symbology, not just the current Royal family, but the Hollywood Royalty, top politicians, and pop Stars. With the advent of the internet, and even school children working out genealogy charts, it is becoming more and more obvious to the masses, that they are all related!
As David Icke constantly reiterates, they are not the Royal families of Europe, they are ONE FAMILY! And its not just in Europe, its all over the globe.

The tie is the modern equivalent of the sash, so if you ever wondered why top politicians & Royalty always wear either a blue or red tie…wonder no more! It all goes back to ancient Egypt and beyond.

This episode also briefly looks at O Rh Negative blood, it is believed they are called “Blue Bloods” because they have this blood group. O RH Negative is a rare blood group, and unlike the other groups that are high in iron, RH O neg has high levels of copper.
When blood oxidises it turns brownish because of the iron content, however O RH neg blood turns blueish because it is high in copper.
It is known that Prince Charles and the Queen are both RH O neg, as for the rest of the elites, it would be impossible to say what blood groups they are, its not something they commonly advertise. However it is believed this is where the Blue Blood term came from.

Sandra Barr

Link to Facebook page…… This link is to a Time Team special on Westminster Abbey and the Cosmati Pavement. Its full of really excellent info on the Abbey and the ritual that the royals enact.




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