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Folks, I know the pictures in this blog are extremely disturbing to look at. However, I think it is very important to document what we are seeing in this article as it validates much of what Kerth Barker has shared in one of his recent books entitled “Cannibalism, Blood Drinking and High Adept Satanism.” Here is an excerpt from the book. Below please find more pictures and a link to the source article for the pics.

Excerpt from “Cannibalism, Blood Drinking and High Adept Satanism” by Kerth Barker

“…He admitted that many of the aristocrats in Europe did have the disturbing habit of eating babies. But he carefully explained that his cannibal friends in New York and himself never did that sort of thing. They only ate adults, and these adults were treated well. They were not tortured and were killed in a humane way before their flesh was prepared for consumption.

He went on to explain that after the Civil War, Luciferian aristocrats in New York had begun the practice of privately having meals in which human flesh was served. Eventually there evolved a number of secret businesses to provide this service. The particular business that was described to me that night over dinner works like this.

Persons from around the world are lured to New York with the promise of work. These are poor persons, but in good health. Once they arrive in New York, they are taken to a remote warehouse where they are fattened up and periodically checked by medical doctors. The victims are told by the doctors that they have some type of rare communicable disease. Therefore they have to be kept isolated with others until they get better. Because they are given lots of good food, the victims tend to remain calm, believing that they are being well cared for. Furthermore, promises of welfare money are made. The victims are allowed simple amusements such as TV, books and board games. Once a victim is chosen to be slaughtered, he or she is terminated by a doctor. This is done by slitting the victim’s throat during a medical exam. Then the victim is taken to a kitchen where his or her corpse is appropriately butchered. A letter is sent to his or her family overseas. It claims that the victim has been killed in an accident of some kind. The letter informs the family that the victim’s body has been disposed of according to his or her religious beliefs. Money is sent as generous compensation to the families, who being poor tend to accept this explanation without question.

This aristocratic cannibal went on, during our vegetarian meal, to explain some other things about all this. He said that the business of providing human flesh for aristocratic cannibals had modernized over the years, but that it had maintained its basic business model. Only aristocratic and initiated Luciferians were offered this service. Potential customers would be shown a book of photographs of different victims who were available for consumption. The people in the photos would be nude and the photos would have been taken during medical exams. There would be a description of the person along with his or her name. The victim’s weight and size as well as other physical characteristics would be described. But also the victim’s religion, nationality, cultural background, hobbies and abilities would be described. There would be a description of the individual’s personality. The idea was that you were supposed to pick somebody you liked. Your future food should be someone whom you found admirable.

This business had various ways that the victim’s flesh could be prepared for eating. These would be stews, sausages and so forth. And this all sold for large amounts of money. But the customer was expected to buy a whole person. One couldn’t just buy a few sausages. One had to buy all the meat that had been harvested and prepared from the victim of one’s choice.

Wealthy Luciferian aristocrats would throw exclusive parties. And the guests at these parties would feast on the flesh of the chosen victim. The cannibals called themselves the Eaters, and they referred to their victims as the Eaten. A photo of the victim would be placed on the dining room table. Photos of the victim would be passed out among the guests as souvenirs. And when Eaters ate him or her, they would refer to the Eaten by name. For example they might say, “Jose is quite delicious. These Jose sausages are especially good.”

This aristocratic Luciferian cannibal explained to me that he and his cannibal friends felt that this type of cannibalism was a spiritual experience. They were intimately communing with the person whom they ate. So it wasn’t like the crude cannibalism of the two sisters or the arrogant baby-eating cannibalism of the European Satanists. This aristocratic cannibal with whom I spoke seemed quite sincere. I didn’t feel threatened by him and I believed that he felt that his form of cannibalism was for him a spiritual practice. After all, these cannibals were careful to not frighten their victims and they did generously compensate their families….”

Source Article:
Human Meats Are Being Sold All Around Inside China and Taiwan

Individual Lean meats Are now being Marketed Around Inside China and also Taiwan

Individuals meat аrе on the market аƖƖ all around іn Tiongkok, thеу advertise various раrtѕ οf your system аnԁ marketing thеіr move аnԁ feet to one side аnԁ іtѕ idea thе mοѕt pricey meat іѕ meat οf girls as opposed tο οthеr the human race аnԁ іtѕ idea thеу hаνе solid lovely seems аnԁ mοѕt pricey раrt οf a little daughter gals human body іѕ thеіr chest muscles muscles.

Monitor: Thіѕ hаνе tο ѕtοр males and females hаνе tο continue being as opposed to thіѕ excessive
React οf jungles bу the human race usually speedily іt wіƖƖ bе the meeting аnԁ Individuals wіƖƖ bе kіƖƖіnɡ аnԁ consuming every οthеr whісh wіƖƖ bе nο various act in response thаn thе Pet dogs, infact possibly mοѕt οf Pet dogs make sure you don’t ԁο no matter what аѕ thіѕ thіѕ іѕ whу world hаνе tο еnԁ.

  1. ariannelot schreef:

    Published on 20 Oct 2014
    DISTURBING! Human Meat Being Sold In China.

    An investigation has confirmed that human meat is being sold openly in market places in several cities of China and Taiwan.

    One local resident of Tiongkok, China has seen this horrific sight first hand. “Individual meats are on display all around Tiongkok for sale,” said Chao Huang. “They advertise various parts of the human body, the girls are most expensive.”

    This startling news has people disgusted and ashamed of the human race, but this is nothing new for China. This has been going on for centuries.

    They believe that eating people helps them gain sexual stamina, power and beauty. This is driving more people in China today to go back to their old ways of cannibalism.

    A deceased baby can go for $70 American dollars in China. This news is horrifying and many women are worried they will be forced to have abortions to satisfy this growing market.

    The video below shows a disturbing clip from a documentary of a man named Zhu Yu. He calls himself an ‘Artist’ as he takes photos of himself eating human remains.

    He is a self proclaimed cannibalist and states there is nothing wrong with it because “the 10 commandments do not mention anything against it.”

    This needs to be stopped! But unfortunately, it is an excepted practice in their country.

  2. ariannelot schreef:

    Chinese Meat Market in Guangzhou China (Warning Graphic Content)

    Published on 24 Jan 2015
    On the outskirts of the city is a wholesale market. This is the meat section. Many animals were killed in this production. Raw footage of China as it is.


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