Catholic Black Magic (FULL) The Christian Mystery Tradition and Key of Solomon

Published on 17 Oct 2012

Priests pray to God and Jesus while practicing Sorcery. Conjuration of demons requires fasting, praying, abstinence, and forgiveness of sins. Adonai Tetragrammaton Jehova used to conjure and control them. The true name of God is Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh as given to Moses, an unpolluted name which has never known the ear of any demon. God preserves his true name.…… Chapter I: The antiquity of Magical Rituals Section 1. The Importance of Ceremonial Magic Section 2: The Distinction between White and Black Magic Section 3: The Unprinted Literature of Ceremonial Magic Chapter II: The Rituals of Transcendental Magic Section 1: The Arbatel of Magic Section 2: Theosophia Pneumatica Section 3: The Enchiridion of Pope Leo Section 4: The Seven Mysterious Orisons Section 5: Summary of Transcendental Magic Chapter III: Composite Rituals Section 1: The Key of Solomon the King Section 2: The Lesser Key of Solomon Section 3: The Pauline Art Section 4: The Almadel Section 5: The Fourth Book of Cornelius Agrippa Section 6: The Heptameron Section 7: The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage Chapter IV: The Rituals Of Black Magic Section 1: The Grimorium Verum Section 2: True Black Magic Section 3: The Grand Grimoire Section 4: The Grimoire of Honorius Section 5: Minor Rituals of Black Magic Section 6: The Black Pullet Section 7: Talismans of the Sage of the Pyramids Section 8: The Gold-Finding Hen PART II: THE COMPLETE GRIMOIRE Chapter I: Preparation of the Operator Section 1: Concerning the Love of God Section 2: Concerning. Fortitude Section 3: Concerning Continence and Abstinence Section 4: Concerning Preparation of the Operator, and Ablution Section 5: Concerning the Vestments Chapter II: The Initial Rites and Ceremonies Section 1: Concerning the Virtues of the Planets Section 2: Concerning the Instruments required for the Art Section 3: Concerning the Rod and Staff of the Art Section 4: Concerning the Pen and Ink of the Art Section 5: Concerning Virgin Wax or Virgin Earth Section 6: Concerning the Silken Cloth Section 7: Concerning the Victim of the Art Section 8: Concerning Aspersion and Cleansing Section 9: Concerning the Time of Operation Chapter III: Concerning the Descending Hierarchy Section 1: The Names and Offices of Evil Spirits Section 2: Concerning the Forms of Infernal Spirits in their Manifestations Chapter IV: The Mysteries of Goëtic Theurgy Section 1: Concerning the Spirits of the Brazen Vessel Section 2: Concerning the Rite of Conjuration from the Lemegeton Chapter V: Concerning the Mystery of the Sanctum Regnum, the Government of Evil Spirits; the Rite of Conjuration according to the Grimorium Verum Chapter IV: The Mysteries of Infernal Evocation in the Grand Grimoire Section 1: The Rite of Lucifuge Section 2: Concerning the Genuine Sanctum Regnum for making Pacts Chapter VII: The Method of Honorius Universal Conjuration Conjuration of the Book Conjuration of the Demons Conjurations of the Kings of the Cardinal Directions Conjurations For Each Day of the Week Chapter VII: Miscellaneous and Minor Processes Section 1: Concerning Works of Hatred and Destruction Section 2: Concerning Venereal Experiments Section 3: Concerning the Experiment of Invisibility Section 4: Concerning the Hand of Glory Section 5: Concerning the Vision of Spirits in the Air Section 6: Concerning Divination by the Word of Uriel Section 7: Concerning the Mirror of Solomon, suitable for Divination Section 8: Concerning the Three Rings of Solomon, Son of David Chapter IX: Concerning Infernal Necromancy Conclusion The Christian magic tradition is based on the understanding of the book of Hebrews, where it says one must come to God believing he will reward you, and where Jesus gave his Apostles all power over all power of the enemy. This of course was to cast them out, but to the occultist, the reward for coming to God is the ability to command them to do his bidding. Gods continues his protection, so as not to be faulted and in hope of their repentance, but hopes if they really love him as they declare in their prayers they should take hold of his commandments, especially the ones condemening the practice of sorcery. This is also on a lesser level with all Christians and Catholics, as he hopes they will stop celebrating pagan holidays, and take hold of his laws and his sabbaths. How terrible it will be for them in the judgment to have received and taken advantage of Gods loving protection to accomplish what he hates. About the afterlife in the Bible… About the Book of Hebrews… 160 Articles concerning the Apostle Paul… Playlist…



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