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The Elite New World Order (NWO) Illuminati Yale Blue Blood Occult Secret Society known as The Skull & Bones has now been confirmed to be connected to the Human Extermination monument known as The Georgia Guidestones.  This is a breaking story and it is speculated that it will be connected to the line of death.  I will post followups.  I will link my line of death post below the video.

This second video post continues on examining the Georgia Guidestones and 322 connection.  What is developing is a Pentagram which is connecting the dots.  I think from the developing picture that America is the New Pagan Atlantis with the Pentagram on it.

The development of the Pentagram is almost complete with more significant numbers and several points along the intersecting points showing major historical traumatic events.

This is a great completion exploration into the ley lines of death.  It definitely…

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