1. Dalai Lama Responsible For Rape, Cannibalism, Murder, Says Beijing

Geplaatst: 4 juni 2016 in Geen categorie

Source: http://www.tibet.ca/en/library/wtn/archive/old?y=2000&m=6&p=1_1

BEIJING, Jun 1, 2000 — (Reuters) China Wednesday launched a vitriolic
attack against exiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, accusing
him and his followers of rape, murder and child cannibalism. The
official Xinhua news agency quoted the Tibet Daily as saying the Dalai
Lama, while still in Tibet, had presided over a system that was “the
most gloomy, cruel, and uncultured in the history of mankind”.

The commentary, harshly worded even by Chinese standards, comes ahead of
the 50-year anniversary of China’s October 1950 invasion of Tibet, which
spelt the beginning of the end of the Dalai Lama’s rule. The commentary
depicted Tibetan society under the Dalai Lama as an antiquated feudal
system where monks and nobles acted as dictators and serfs were traded
and were “usually cruelly tortured or killed”.

During an insurgency against Chinese rule in 1959, “aimed to protect
feudal serfdom”, the Dalai Lama and his followers committed crimes
ranging from temple looting to rape and killings, according to the
commentary. In one instance, they cut open the belly of a nine-year-old
boy, ate his heart, chopped him to pieces, and had the body parts hung
from a tree, it claimed. The rebellion ended in failure and led to the
Dalai Lama’s decision to flee Tibet and go into exile.

He now lives with 100,000 followers in Dharamsala, India, and has become
a high-profile figure on the international stage, advocating a greater
degree of autonomy for the Tibetan people. The Tibet Daily commentary
argued that even in exile the Dalai Lama has continued to do damage to
his nation and prevented its development, seeking to stop aid to Tibet
offered by the World Bank and governments in the developed world. This
shows the threat posed to basic human rights by separatist activities,
the commentary argued. The Dalai Lama is now the “head of overseas
separatist forces, a tool of western anti-China forces and the arch
criminal who splits the motherland”, the commentary concluded.


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