Satanic High Priest’s Daughter (Warning: Not for Children)

Geplaatst: 1 augustus 2015 in Geen categorie

Uploaded on 21 Jul 2010

WARNING: This story is very disturbing and its subject matter may cause some persons with mental health issues to become depressed upset.
I posted this only with the desire to educate the Public on the dangers of Satanic Groups out there. Many missing children are victims of Satanic Groups who use them in their evil rituals.

A heart breaking story where the daughter of a Satanic High Priest exposes what goes on behind the scenes during Satanic Rituals.

Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) involves Human Sacrifice (often Infants), rape, incest, sodomy, torture, and many other evil pathology that I am not able to mention here.

I condemn all Satanists and Satan Worship. I hope to expose Satanists for what they are with more videos coming up soon!


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