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the enigma channel

The good news is that the Antichrist will be killed off – the bad news is that there is more than one of him – that is the conclusion of historians reviewing ancient Hebrew, Arabic and Latin texts in a new documentary on THE ENIGMA CHANNEL.

The term al-Masih ad-Dajjal which is Arabic for “the false messiah”, is an evil figure described in almost all Islamic religious texts – it is not a singular application of the word – there are many of these Dajjals and this word describes essentially a person who fights against the world of god and goodness. According to many of the Islamic texts, there are lots and lots of these types of people who fulfil the prophecy of the ANTICHRIST over and over again – and a new TV series on THE ENIGMA CHANNEL investigates Hitler, Shabbatai Zevi, Jacob Frank and many others throughout…

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