Michael Tsarion – Red Ice Live: The Brotherhood of Death

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Published on 11 Feb 2013

‘This is part two of our series with Michael Tsarion on the Brotherhood of Death. Go to redicecreations.com to watch part one. In part two we look at the Question of Antiquity, The Catholic Fraternities, Alleged Rivalries, Knights Templar. We’ll also look into: Masonic Symbolism, Catholic Fraternities, the Knights Templar, the Nazi Connection and much more. Further ahead in the series we’ll discuss corruption and masonry and also the fascinating ripper case and the connection to masonry.’


Video mirrored from: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTGtBn…

This presentation was not created by http://brainfeed.ca/ but we feel the information presented here is important to our mission.

Thank you http://www.PrometheanReach.com


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