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The next package of sanctions against Russia is laced and waiting for the implementation.

In over-hasty obedience, and without having seen the next steps of boycotts by the US to come, the EU to push forward and drives the escalation ahead, while in the Eastern Ukraine, the omens are favorable for a careful relaxation.
It is said that if Russia may pull his soldiers from Ukraine, only then the EU is ready to dispense its sanctions.
As with the crash of the MH17, proof is not necessary.
The only important thing is the logic of their own rhetoric which the EU committed in destructive actions.

Parsifal, September 09, 2014

image top: The Merkel in her close relationship
The purported goal to move Russia to ‘turn into’ in the Ukraine attitude is just as naive as utopian, even though after all the false either-or-tugging over Ukraine no naivety from the EU can any longer be a real surprise.

The Europeans underestimate here once again, what substantial things it is for Russia in the Ukraine and what a long wind the Russians here in contrary to the Europeans bring along.

What is it about for the two sides, if the spiral of sanctions always goes on and on ?

For the Russians, it is about the millions of oppressed countrymen, who not too long ago had the misfortune to find themselves beyond the up to date virtual boundaries and today, are missing not only elementary civil rights, but simply safety before the bombing and the right-wing units who are sent in the Donbass.

For the Russians, it is about the once brotherly Ukraine, the historical cradle of the East Slavic civilization, with thousands of connections of any kind to Russia, which by (hidden) Western subversive activities of the last 23 years is on the edge to transform into an extremely hostile entity directly in front of the door, which, by the potential NATO military bases in the East of the country may directly threaten the Russian security and political capacity.

And, last but not least, to the Russians in this confrontation it is about – in the broadest sense -not less than the preservation of self-respect and sovereignty of their own country, things that are basically priceless.
If the Europeans think they could force the Russians in the Ukraine question with pressure and sanctions ‘to turn into’ and press to watch idle the above-mentioned operations, then they know neither the Russian mentality nor the deep significance of the Ukraine to Russia.
Hopes that Putin will eventually face domestic headwinds are absolutely unfounded.
Any further aggressive action of the EU will only strengthen the consolidation of the Russian society around Vladimir Putin (with his current record-breaking 85% agreement) and boost a sustainable alienation against Europe.

There it does not help to attribute this development to ‘Putin’s Propaganda’ and to portray the Russians as nonage sheep.
About the view and the arguments of the West the Russians today know much better and of the true situation in the Ukraine are definitely better informed as vice versa, not to mention they noticed millions of times through personal contacts.

In contrast, for Europe at the confrontation with Russia and the potentially endless mutual damage caused by sanctions it is not for so noble goals.
It’s basically nothing more than the preservation of the old order and the observance of the transatlantic vassal-loyalty, a loyalty which the big brother with his skillful as dubious methods knows to ensure.

Just a country such as Germany, occupied, patronized, spied on and robbed (keyword gold reserves) including the imminent peril of the Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement ahead is committed by the siren song of the system-media to the preservation of the current conditions.
It may not even imagine how true sovereignty and national self-esteem feel like and that these are things, for which other countries are still ready for struggling.
Their readiness to make sacrifices and perseverance is likely to be significantly larger than in the case of those who – out of sheer vassal-loyalty – inflict self-damage.

Unfortunately, do not realize most of the average citizenry behind the officious phrases of propaganda the true meaning and the true essence of the current confrontation: as a challenge of the crumbling U.S. hegemony, which, depending on the outcome of this fight either dissolves faster, or even, for decades again to come to stabilization.
Once again in the history, Russia throws down the gauntlet to the Hegemonial-efforts of a powerful aggressor, once again depends on Russia the freedom of Europe.
As German citizen, one should consider if the damage to the economy, which Germany – instead of the actual mastermind of the crisis – currently and in the future suffers, would justify the continuation of the whereabouts on his side.


At the latest when General Winter is knocking at the door and Mr. Frost to punish the limbs and it becomes necessary to fire the houses it will be proper time to reconsider the wherefores of sanctions against Russia.
Russia has reduced as of Friday, Sept. 12, 2014 the amount of gas to Austria by 15%, exactly on the day when Austria endorsed a stricter new wave of sanctions, a harsh step-up against just GazProm, the Russian gas supplier, postulated by the US and thus implemented and supported by the EU against its own citizenry.

Well, you remember how the old saying goes ?

Cling together, swing together !

It is primarily about the maintenance of hundreds of thousands of jobs in industry and the economy, especially in the economy-engine of the heart of Europe, namely the Steel-Industry, which in the both: Austria and Germany require about 80% of Russia’s delivered volume of gas – consuming the rest are households.


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