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Published on 23 Jun 2014
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The Legitimate King of England is in Portugal

English Translation from

A Bastardia da Casa Windsor… A final o legítimo Rei de Inglaterra é português!

Alberto Coyote,, Portugal, 8 October 2013.

(Reveals new facts on the real causes of Diana Spencer’s Death)

The Kingdoms of Portugal and England developed a Diplomatic Covenant in 1373 which became known as the Treaty of Windsor.  King Dom John I of Portugal then married Philippa of Lancaster in 1387.

The ancient Treaty of Windsor Alliance has been much more useful to Britain – the obvious imbalance evident in the income of the signatories and the superior financial and geopolitical influence Old Albion (England) has had in the international realms.

In 1834, the British Crown chose its oldest ally Portugal to hide its future rightful King of England – Marcos Manoel.

The Little Prince was secretly brought to Portugal by Dom Ferdinand of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha, who then married Queen Dona Maria II of Portugal and became the King consort Ferdinand II of Portugal.

The Royal British Prince foundling was exiled and hidden in a realm considered safe.  The Treaty of Windsor had a diplomatic tradition maintaining gentlemanly relations between partners.

Prince Marcos Manoel remained hidden, alive and all but forgotten in Portugal, which became a peripheral nation, dependent, poor and almost always in the pay of the interests of its strong ally, England.

The Anglo-Saxon legitimate King of England was unexpectedly murdered by poison in his home in Lisbon in 1910. Today, his lawful representative is H.R.H. Dom Francisco Manoel, a true Gentleman, a man of sincere smile and a contagious sympathy.  I am told, a man who keeps in mind the origin of the bitterness of exile, but a leader of great character, courage and education.  Despite his Exilarch status, he is a staunch defender of Britain, even though he has suffered physical attacks, demeaning actions, harassment, close surveillance and press misrepresentation, committed against he and his family from the C19th.

Despite this, he has never intended to create friction between the people and the Crown, and is yet to claim his rightful throne. It also came to my attention that His Royal Highness will soon launch a book internationally.
Get more information: Elevation Lord Chancellor Greg Hallett – .

.           .           .           .           .           .           .           .           .

To better understand this historical secret, it is necessary to pull back to the first half of the nineteenth century. The rightful Prince of Wales at the time was Marcos Manoel, the eldest son of the then Princess Alexandrina Victoria of Kent (Queen Victoria) and Blind Prince George of Cumberland, who became King George V of Hanover.  Both were born in 1819, both were considered presumptive heirs to the British throne.

In 1818 there was a fair and equal opportunity breeding “Race to the Throne” which Princess Victoria won by birth, her natural father, a Rothschild banker who held absolute power over England and whose finance was critical to the survival of the crown itself.

Purely by mistake, the Duke of Cumberland launched his hypothesis in adversity causing him to be disliked and pejoratively known as the “Bird of Prey”.  This  stained the aspirations of his eldest son, the Prince of Cumberland.

Princess Victoria then gave birth legitimately and secretly to Marcos Manoel in 1834  – the eldest of the two candidates to be King.

.           .           .           .           .           .           .           .           .

If Victoria died before having offspring the ultimate guarantor of the British throne was Marcos Manoel.  This was supported by the high finance Rothschild who could flip the colossal Financial Dynasty of England at a moments notice, as done with the 1689 Bill of Rights which laid the foundations of the constitutional monarchy.  According to some arguments, Victoria never legally inherited the throne because the Bill of Rights and the Act of Settlement 1701 (changed the line of succession to the throne) had no effect, since both Laws were enacted by William III of Orange, who was not the true King of England. Thus Victoria never legally looked like the real queen of England because the Monarchs simply never existed.  Meanwhile Prince Marcos Manoel was safely incubating in Portugal – a legal lifeline for the English, his known presence continually exposing the Bastard genetics of the House of Windsor.

.           .           .           .           .           .           .           .           .

On one of my trips to Madrid I crossed paths with and casually spoke with a retired KGB agent in a mall.  This man revealed to me a portion of the truth about the illegitimacy of the Windsors.  According to his testimony, Edward VII was a bastard.  His biological father had been a Scottish servant, John Brown, the name recorded in a scandalous personal diary of Queen Victoria written in German Gothic, as: “. . . Bertie, is the son of my beloved John Brown!”

Astonished, without reaction, almost dazed, snuggled in his chair and welcoming, the Russian secret spy master maintained a neutral expression looking at me with a disturbing smile and continued to speak pragmatically revealing that this ‘Royal Diary’ existed under lock and key in the possession of the Grand Duchess of Hesse, Liliane Battenberg, who is still considered persona non grata in England.  She lives comfortably in Spain, with Russian protection, and was one of the financial sources of the film made in 1997 about the life of Her Majesty, Victoria RI with the title of ‘Mrs Brown’.

I got the idea that this man was annoyingly competent, methodical, and all his information was accompanied by documentary evidence rendering his story consistent.  This enigmatic character had graduated with the symbolic name of “G”, however he was not to be seen or heard.

The burly retired spy nodded his head vigorously enjoying the moment of confession.

Lady Diana Frances Spencer was with her husband Charles (‘Carlos’) in Marbella at a dinner hosted by Liliane Battenberg.  King Juan Carlos de Bourbon of Spain was physical present, as were other royals.  Diana wore a luxurious and sparkling outfit deserving of a true Princess of Wales.

This was a complete shame because it was totally soiled by the bastardy revealled, which even plagued the servants [Pr. Charles had a daughter with a servant girl].  William was dragged in as a bastard as was Harry, born after the “good news” [which was William sired by the other Charles – Carlos, King of Spain].

The Grand Duchess Liliane Battenberg spilled the beans about the bastardry of the House of Windsor [July 1996].  Charles Windsor was exposed, unmasked, now a bastard.  He gave no reaction, helpless and resigned, he remained silent and crestfallen.

Lady Di then heard someone speak respectfully of H.R.H. Dom Francisco Manoel. This unforgettable soiret tarnished Diana who was rendered ‘a woman in her slippers’, and here she understandably and inconsolable decided to reject the actor Charles [the former Prince]. Thereafter, Lady Diana became an easy woman, her last lover, a rich Muslim storekeeper.  Diana then stated she wanted to put an end the House of Windsor, and this put a price on her head. After this ‘Mass’, the Soviet Spymaster finished his monologue in a brotherly voice with frown:  “With this information in various areas, Vladimir Putin crushed in one stroke, the small island of England.  I now understand the context of the alleged statement made by President Putin during the last meeting of the G20 [5–6 September 2013, St Petersburg] when he whispered in Prime Minister David Cameron’s ear,  “England is a small island that does not count for anything.”

For well over a hundred years now, a batch of bastards crowned in the British Isles have only weakened Britain. Their “subjects” have not yet grasped that they are seen from the outside as inventors of traditions, regarded as an extravagance by educated people, almost a circus that feeds the ego waving small flags at the apex of a pink pyramid loaded with big heads. While it is fun to watch the fake ‘Treaty of the Windsor’ family as a bizarre episode of ‘Mr Bean’ with its tremendous mockery and ridiculous endings, the final scenes of the Portuguese film ‘The Tyrant Father’ says it all.  In the midst of the chaos installed, a spectator sitting in the audience says to the person next to him: “I do not know anything . . . but I assure you that this is theatre and it is good!”

I suggest Britain abandons it prejudices and stops to split hairs, embracing the difference between man and highly developed man, as great as the difference between a radio that captures a single channel and another that captures all the frequencies emitted by all the stations of the world.

I conclude with an independent, constructive and objective question: “Would there be any person more suited to restore the throne of England as a legitimate crowned head than H.R.H. Dom Francisco Manoel . . .”


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