Nigerian Boko Haram is Saudi trained and funded

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Nigerian Terrorists Boko Haram: Another Saudi Trophy?

CDHR’s Analysis: It has become customary to associate the Saudis with terrorism attacks anywhere in the world and for good reason; Saudi youth are the most readily available to be recruited by terrorists’ organizations to die for Islam. This is due to Saudis’ ubiquitous religious indoctrination in schools, mosques and the government’s tightly controlled media. Whether terror attacks take place in Iraq, Chechnya, Bosnia, Pakistan, Lebanon, North Africa, Afghanistan, Yemen, Indonesia, the Philippines, Europe or in the US, Saudi nationals and/or money are most likely to be involved in one form or another. Saudi youth are raised and taught to mistrust non-Muslims and consider them enemy until they submit to Allah’s will and abide by the Shariah law which rejects non-sectarian laws as interpreted by a religious establishment that is appointed by and shares power with the Saudi ruling family.

In a chilling interview, the spokesman of the murderous Islamist Nigerian Boko Haram, Abu Qaqa revealed what many observers have suspected and predicted: The Saudis train and finance the deadly organization. Abu Qaqa said that members of his terror group have received funds and training from the Saudis. ‘During the lesser Hajj [Umrah, last August], our leader travelled to Saudi Arabia and met al-Qaida there. We enjoy financial and technical support from them. Anything we want from them we ask them.’ The Boko Haram’s objective is to inflict death and destruction on the 70 million Nigerian Christians until ‘…things are being done according to the dictates of Allah.’ Like the Wahhabi trained Taliban extremists in Afghanistan, Boko Haram’s objective is the implementation of Shariah law throughout Nigeria regardless of peoples’ r eligious belief according to Abu Qaqa. ‘There are no exceptions. Even if you are a Muslim and you don’t abide by sharia, we will kill you. Even if you are my own father, we will kill you.’

It’s not just the extremist groups that believe the austere Saudi brand of Islam must be promoted throughout the world. Spreading Islam, Islamic banking and Shariah law have been one of the Saudi government’s and its religious establishment’s top priorities since the formation of the Saudi/Wahhabi state in the early 1930s. On one hand, they believe in Islam’s supremacy over other beliefs; and on the other, they know they can use religion to achieve their objectives as they did during the start of their violent movement in the middle of the eighteen century. Saudis and other Arab regimes, like the former Libyan dictator Kaddafi, have encouraged and supported the spread and strengthening of Islam everywhere, especially in the West where religious freedom is guaranteed by secular constitutions. This is evidenced by the Saudi’s support for the Chicago based Nation of Islam’s founder Elijah Mohammed and his successors since the 1950s, just to name one group.

According to well documented facts in The Looming Tower, and a myriad of other publications, the Saudis, government and businesses, are major contributors to mosques, religious schools and Islamic Study Departments in top educational institutions like Georgetown, Harvard, UC Berkeley and Columbia.

In May 2010, Saudi Crown Prince Sultan who died in 2011, summoned the most powerful princes, religious representatives, ministers and royal loyalists to his elaborate Aziziyah Palace in Riyadh to instruct them to “mobilize all modern means available to serve Islam”. He instructed the powerful attendees “to increase support for all Muslim institutions and organizations around the world”. Sultan’s instructions to spread Islam were echoed by his brother King Abdullah in a recent plea read on his behalf to a Muslim scholars’ conference during the peak of Muslim annual pilgrimage Mecca in Nov. 2011.

King Abdullah asked Muslims to spread Islam globally and convert non-Muslims to the faith because, “The world needs the vision and guidance of Islam and Muslims should work hard to make sure this happens.” ‘Islam is a universal message for all mankind until the Day of Resurrection. The Muslim Ummah has a responsibility to call people to Islam through its Da’wa work around the globe’. Extremists take such declarations as a green light to commit mayhem against non-Muslims and Muslim minorities who don’t adhere to the Saudi twisted interpretation of Muslim text books.


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