Gang Stalking ~ What Every TI Should Listen To

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Geupload op 21 feb. 2012 ~ July 30, 2011

This discussion is dedicated to targeted individuals:

QUOTE/] People from all walks of life are being recruited to be the eyes and ears of the State. People from all races, ages, genders and every sector of society that you can think of is a part of this. A targeted individual (T.I.) is a person who has been put in a depopulation program known as Gangstalking. The program is funded by the Government, and the T.I. is monitored and harassed 24/7, inside and outside of their home. Most T.I.’s have no idea how they were put into this program or how to get out of it. Targeting can happen to anyone in society. In the past primary targets of programs such as Cointelpro have been minorities. Targeting however can happen to anyone. Individuals are often targeted for being outspoken, whistle blowers, dissidents, people who go up against wealthy corporations, woman’s groups, (single) women, anti-war proponents, and other innocent individuals. The majority of the targets are often not aware that they are being targeted in this way. For those targets that are aware this is happening, they can be left feeling depressed, suicidal, confused, isolated and mentally unstable. The objective of the campaign is the total destruction of the Target. This is hell on earth. We will discuss this little known and seldom talked about program. [/UNQUOTE]


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