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Published on 22 Dec 2013

12-12-13 – Birth of a New Earth TV on The People’s Voice – Jeanice Barcelo interviews Bonnie and John Mitchell from about television mind control, black magic, sigil magik, mnemonic circles, hypnotic countdowns, harmonics, and more — all used to control the mind.

Jeanice Barcelo – and http;//

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Roman Empire Rules Today

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The Jesuit Vatican New World Order

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The Culture and Education of our Greek Ptolemaic Dynasty Kings and Rulers

The Culture and Education of our Greek Ptolemaic Dynasty Kings and Rulers

An Urgent Action Notice from the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS)

January 9, 2014

London, England:

A British citizen named David Compan has been imprisoned without charges in a London mental hospital after he publicly associated with the ITCCS campaign to hold the Crown of England responsible for crimes against children.

David is being held and sedated at Charing Cross Hospital:

Social worker Elizabeth Scully has confirmed to Coventry ITCCS organizer Rhianne Mockridge that David is being held for “examination”, but Scully refused to say where or provide any other details.

David Compan is a friend and supporter of Rhianne and other ITCCS activists in Coventry, who have led occupations of local roman catholic churches and are now convening a common law court to enforce ITCCS warrants against convicted felons and child abusers.

New draconian “fixed threat assessment” (FTA) laws in England allow the government to imprison indefinitely without charges anyone who is considered to be “fixated” about public figures, “VIP’s”, or members of the Royal Family. This “thought crime” law is described at: .

On February 25, 2013, Elizabeth Windsor, “Queen of England”, and 29 other officials were found guilty of crimes against humanity by the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels. David Compans has circulated this verdict and the evidence linking Ms. Windsor to the documented disappearance of ten aboriginal boys and girls from the Kamloops residential school on October 10, 1964.

Ms. Windsor has never denied or disputed this public charge or evidence, nor did she reply to the Public Summons issued to her by the Court in November, 2012.

The ITCCS calls upon its affiliates and members in twenty one countries to stage protests and occupations at local British businesses, consulates and embassies to demand the unconditional release of David Compan and to annul the police state FTA laws.

ITCCS members in London will protest at known FTA centres.

Stop these brutal attacks against truth seekers! Contact and in Coventry, Rhianne Mockridge at
ITCCS Central, Brussels
Communique 9 January, 2014